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The north of Vietnam is practically a destination in its own right and offers wonderful opportunities to meet indigenous folk in the mountains as well as live it up in one of Asia’s most exciting cities in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi. As well as the delights within its own boundaries the north of Vietnam shares borders with Laos and China and combinations with both these countries are possible for those wishing to take in more than one destination whilst in the region. Each trip to the remote mountainous areas of northern Vietnam has also focused on the visit of ethnic minorities who live here. Beautiful colorful tribal costumes, ancient customs in communal longhouses are waiting for those visitors who will go trekking into these villages. Most of the ethnic population live in the north in the mountains along the Chinese border. If you go north, you will come with them definitely in touch. In these mountains you will see fascinating insights on the rice terraces, fields and the beautiful mountain valleys and mountain ridges. Surely you will want to visit the highest mountain in Vietnam – Fan Si Pan with a height of 3144 m in Sapa (Hoang Lien national park). Another very interesting and less crowded spot at the north is Dong Van Karst Global Geoparkin Ha Giang province. It is home to many ethnic minorities of Vietnam. Ha Giang is a home to many ethnic minorities of Vietnam and one of the remotest and most beautiful places in northern Vietnam.

We could tell “must see” place. You can see the true natural treasures of Vietnam in the National parks.

Driving a motorbike in North of Vietnam is a great experience!