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Sapa motorbike tour from Hanoi through Northwestern - 6 Days

The Northwestern part of Vietnam is one of the most remote areas in the whole country. However, that intact and pristine area is home to several glorious destinations that are naturally preserved and almost intact by humans. They range from limestone mountain, rice terrace, river valley, green meadow; There are many wonderful landscapes and places for travelers to immerse themselves. Traveling with us: motorcycle tours in northern Vietnam, we will take you to discover the masterpieces of nature in the mountainous areas of Vietnam. Undoubtedly, they will be vivid memories for your trip to this land in the form of S.

Day 1:

Motorbike tour from Hanoi to Mai Chau (160 km 5 hours  drive motorbike).

Day 2:

Motorbike tour from Mai Chau to Phu Yen (140 km 5 hours  drive motorbike).

Day 3:

Motorbike tour from Phu Yen to Son La (160 km 5 hours  drive motorbike).

Day 4:

Motorbike tour from Son La to Than Uyen (180 km 6 hours  drive motorbike).

Day 5:

Motorbike tour from Than Uyen to Sapa (110 km 5 hours  drive motorbike).

Day 6:

Motorbike tour from Sapa to Hanoi by Train.

Day 1
Motorbike tour from Hanoi to Mai Chau(160 km – 5 hours drive motorbike)

In the morning our guide will meet you at 08:00 A.m at the Reception of your hotel for a short briefing and check all the condition of the Motorbikes. Then start your journey from the hotel by Motorbike and head through Ha Noi city. We will motorcycle on Highway 6 passing extensive farming lands comprising a sea of paddy fields split by tree-lined roads punctuated by limestone karst scenery.

After lunch local restaurant in Hoa Binh city, we cross Thung Khe, one of the most beautiful mountain passes in North Vietnam then descent to the mountain valley settlement of Mai Chau.

Mai Chau is probably the best choice for a short motorcycle trip from Hanoi. Although Mai Chau does not seem to be new to many motorcyclists, what we bring to motorcyclists is the field of secondary roads, where you can really feel the beauty of the mountainous areas of northern Vietnam. Only with motorcycle tours in North Vietnam, you can ride to the winding paths of the rice fields or the rocky mountain, instead of the smooth roads or the popular itinerary. Mai Chau by motorcycle would be the most interesting and the highlight of the entire motorcycle trip. We come to this beautiful valley around 5 pm and arrive at the end of the motorcycle on the first day of North Vietnam.

Day 2
Motorbike tour from Mai Chau to Phu Yen (140 km 5 hours drive motorbike).

After breakfast in homestay prepared by the host, we say goodbye to villagers and leave Mai Chau. We ride from Mai Chau to the direction of Moc Chau Plateau, where you will find yourself surrounded by the aroma and enormity of the tea farm and the colors of the plum and peach garden. A lunch at Moc Chau will be a relaxing time to fully feel the beauty of this land. This highland town produces some of Vietnam’s best tea and is a good place to stock up. The surrounding area is also home to several ethnic minorities, including Green H’mong, Dzao, Thai and Muong. Moc Chau.

We will have luch in a small local restaurant at Moc Chau, it will be a relaxing time to fully feel the beauty of this land.

After lunch, we turn to the less travelled Road 43 leading to the Da River, crossing the reservoir of Da river at Van Yen ferry, then ride on a beautiful winding secondary road until Phu Yen. Finally we arrived at Phu Yen city around 4:30 p.m. and we finished the second day of motorcycle tours through northern Vietnam.

Day 3
Motorbike tour from Phu Yen to Son La (160 km 5 hours drive motorbike).

Wake up in the morning and enjoy your “Pho” at local restaurant, the taste of “Pho” in here quite different with “Pho” in Hanoi city.

After breakfast you will drive motorbike on the almost empty Road 37 we enter mountains heavily populated with Black Thai people, who work on large terraced rice fields. The winding road passes through many Thai villages and fields and provides a great opportunity to watch country life passing by. We continue through rolling hills before rising up to the sugar cane growing areas on the cooler Son La plateau.

Late lunch in Son La City, the capital of Son La Province, before we visit The Old French Prison & Museum. It was once the site of a French penal colony where anticolonial revolutionaries were incarcerated. It was destroyed by the infamous “off-loading” of unused ammunition by US warplanes that were returning to their bases after bombing raids, but it has been partially restored.

Rebuilt turrets and watch towers stand guard over the remains of cells, inner walls and a famous lone surviving peach tree. The tree, which blooms with traditional “Tet flowers”, was planted in the compound by To Hieu, a former inmate from the 1940s. To Hieu has subsequently been immortalised. with various landmarks now named after him.

Overnight in Son La City.

Day 4
Motorbike tour from Son La to Than Uyen (180 km 6 hours drive motorbike).

Today you will drive on the road crosses a series of mountain passes and areas of busy Black Thai activity. Children walk to school, kids tend buffaloes, women plant rice seedlings and men pull the buffalo. Then we come to the beginning of the very long and steep Pha Din pass where at the top we have vast views of the surrounding mountains, then down the other side on very steep sealed road.

We will stop for lunch in Tuan Giao.

Turn to the almost empty winding Road 279 leading to Pa Uon bridge. The first span of the Pa Uon bridge spanning the Da river got connected on Highway 279 in Chieng On commune, Quynh Nhai district, Son La province.

The bridge invested by the Ministry of Transport lies within the food-avoiding highways and provincial roads project after the Son La Hydro-electric Power project had been deployed, contributing to forming the nearest road between Son La and Lai Chau provinces. The construction of the bridge started on May 28, 2007. It opened to traffic on April 30 and put into use in July 2010. Continuing on the empty winding road until we get Than Uyen Town, Lai Chau Province.

Overnight in a Hotel in Than Uyen town.

Day 5
Motorbike tour from Than Uyen to Sapa (110 km 5 hours drive motorbike).

Today is another wonderful day! We motorcycle straight toward the main Fansipan Mountain range. There is also the option for a very challenging back route which takes us through several river crossings. The massive mountain range dominates the road until finally we must make a splendid climb up from Binh Lu and up to the top of the highest road pass in Vietnam (Tram Ton Pass).

Crossing into Lao Cai Province at over 2,000m the views looks out over the main range for miles and miles, before we descend to the mountainous Sa Pa valley. Sa Pa is located in Lao Cai Province, north-west Vietnam, and 350 km north-west of Hanoi, close to the border with China. Sapa is famous both for its fine, rugged scenery and for its rich cultural diversity. French used to consider Sapa as Summer Capital of Northern Vietnam in the early decades of the 20th century. Its naturally gifted beauty keeps attracting more and more people to spend their vacation there since then. Particularly, the place is the foremost choice for honeymoon couples!

Overnight in Hotel in Sapa town.

Day 6
Motorbike tour from Sapa to Hanoi by Train.

A short motorbike tour around Sapa is followed after breakfast. Today we will drive our bike to Muong Hoa valley. The ride to Lao Chai-Ta Van village is so enjoyable, full of fantastic views of nature and colorful local life of indigenous people, hard working on the terraced rice fields.

In the afternoon, you will have free time to explore Sapa town with the market, French church, etc.

After exploring Sa Pa at 5p.m you will get on the bike and drive motorbike down to Lao Cai train station and put our bikes on the train in Lao Cai and “relaxed” all the way to Hanoi.

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